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“This book is such an amazing piece of children's literature! You can feel the love and dedication that the author put into this book. This is a great book for boys and girls a like! Don't let the fairies fool you there are two main boys that get involved in mischievous adventures that other little boys of reading age can relate to fully.”
– Kid Literature Authors

“I met Donna Raimondi at a conference for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators over ten years ago and we also took a children’s writing class together at UCLA. Donna is a wonderful and talented writer and I am so happy that her picture book Street Light Fairies will finally be in the hands of children and parents! I remember when she wrote this story many years ago. Just open the book Street Light Fairies and you will find a group of fantastic fairies and two boys who have a mission to accomplish. Street Light Fairies is a must read for children from day one to one hundred years old!”
– René Colato Laínez
Salvadoran award winning author of I Am René, the Boy

"Donna Raimondi and I met in our very first picture book writer's group back in 2000. She read us this wonderful story she had written about a world of fairies who live right in front of our eyes, and we immediately knew she had something special! I'm so glad that children everywhere will finally be able to read about these fairies and see this imaginative world for themselves."
– M.M. Sheetz - Writer

"As Luke and I were having coffee/cocoa on the patio Sunday morning he said, "Grandma, guess what my favorite book is?" I said, "What honey?" He said, "Grandma the fairy book you gave me. I love that book! I read it every night! When is there going to be another one? And we should take it to our school to show the class!"
– Luke Weir, 9 Years Old