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Fiona is our high achiever of the street light fairies, a natural born leader. She loves knowledge. In fact, she’s a walking encyclopedia. So much so, that at times she drives the other street light fairies crazy by her endless expanse and expression of knowledge. Fiona acts like the leader or “first fairy” of the street light fairies. She likes to give direction and she also is someone the other street light fairies look up to. She is slow to warm with her sense of humor, yet she is great at throwing out funny one-liners! She loves trendy clothes, baking sweets, online shopping and doing yoga.

Frankie is very athletic and strong, yet feminine. Her body movements when flying are liquid and fast. Not only is she into every imaginable sport and great at each one, she loves to play musical instruments and has a special fondness for playing the flute and violin. Frankie is also a fabulous cook! She spends her free time watching cooking shows and creating gourmet dishes that make the other street light fairies flutter with delight. Frankie is multi-talented, a bit jumpy, very loyal, she’s someone you can count on for anything. You always know where you stand with Frankie!

Fritzi is very girly. She loves to dress up and she thinks you should wear clips and ribbons at the same time in your hair, not one or the other. For Fritzi, the more girly it is the better! An extension of Fritzi is also her passion for interior design. She expresses that by her impeccably decorated street light apartment which she keeps immaculately clean. Fritzi is very loving yet can sometimes wear on the other street light fairies’ nerves with her constant chatter about things that don’t really matter much.

Dexter is Russell’s best friend and neighbor. He has been friends with Russell since they were in preschool. Dexter is a bit pushy when it comes to his friendship with Russell. Dexter usually coerces Russell into situations that end up being a mishap! He can have a quick temper, but it’s mild. He can have a mean sense of humor and can instigate trouble in a flash! He secretly looks up to Russell and has moments of tenderness and kind heartedness.

Russell is the sweeter, gentler more rational of the two boys. He is driven by curiosity and has never harmed an insect in his life. He gets decent grades, but is not a straight A student. He’s a good example for Dexter. Russell is more internal, loves to think and ponders life on a level that is much too mature for his own age. Sometimes he wishes he could be as tough as Dexter is.